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A "Stop Sucking On My Blanket!" Device

Cats Suck!

It's A Fact


"Hello, I just want to let you know how much we appreciate the donation you have made to the Feral cat program.


As soon as I opened the box, the kitten that I am fostering found the need to investigate and took right to one of the pillows - so once again, my sincere thanks for your donation."



Rutland County Humane Society

Some Feedback



Not long ago, I adopted an adorable black and white short haired domestic kitten from a shelter. He was eight weeks old and I named him Marty. He is the cutest, sweetest, most loving and most perfect little thing, except for one annoying little habit. He must have been weaned too soon, because every time he got cuddly with me he wanted to suckle me. He wanted to suck my ear lobes, my neck or any other part of my skin. This became quite annoying. I began to ask friends and neighbors for suggestions of how to break this habit. They did not have a clue.


Finally, I decided to turn to the internet for answers. In a chat room about pet problems, I found  what I was searching for. The answer to my problem. Someone mentioned that she had the same problem and she discovered the Catsifier. I found the website. I spoke personally with the business owner. I ordered the Catsifier and waited for its arrival. It arrived. I opened it. I Showed it to Marty. He became immediately attached to it. It has completely solved my problem. Marty and I are both very happy customers. I would recommend this product to anyone with complete confidence.


L.W., Fort Myers, FL.


She has since ordered two more!

"I can't even tell you how exciting this is.  I couldn't get a great shot, but this is my cat Sammie right after we got our Catsifier!!  Sammie basically lives under the bed - we call her "Ghost" because we rarely see her.  We got her a Catsifier in hopes that it would draw her out and make her feel more comfortable.  It worked - within 1/2 hour she came out to check it out and then before long, she was licking it.  Now she seems to know that it's hers and she lays on it all the time - sucking on it and squishing the fur.  She loves it - and so do we.  NICE fabric too!!!!


Now we don't have to peek under the bed to see her anymore. I'll be recommending this for sure!"


The Horisons

Charlotte, NC

"Angus loves his Catsifer and so do I.  This is a miracle.


I've included photos of him with his past sucking obsession (the blue blanket that he's on) and his new Catsifier.


He started off just sniffing it - now he's really into it and we're both happy campers!


Thank you so much for creating a great product!"


Mr. E and Angus

Chicago, Illinois

Good Afternoon.  I went to the Pet Expo in NY today and happened across the Catsifier!  What a terrific idea.


I ordered one for Smidge - can't wait to get it.  I'll keep you posted!


Update:  Smidge loves his Catsifier.  No more sore earlobes and sleepless nights.  Thanks!


E. Goldstein

Long Island

"I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product.  It not only looks adorable on my sofa, but it has saved my furniture as well as my mohair afghans.  Everyone asks about it when they stop by - I have friends that want one that don't even own cats"


Judith (and Bootsie) Marcoux

Hoosick Falls, NY

"Why didn't you do this 10 years ago?  And how come I didn't think of it?  I can't count the amount I've spent on throws - only to have them ruined by the kneading and sucking.  Not only practical, but these are just too cute.  Now I know what to get my cat-loving friends for gifts!"


Cindy (and Harley) Mattison

Pownal, VT


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