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A "Stop Sucking On My Blanket!" Device

Cats Suck!

It's A Fact


How We Came About


The idea for the Catsifier™ came about thanks to Cheryl Edwards of Bennington, VT.  Cheryl had a number of cats and kittens that tried to nurse on her blankets and throws.


She got tired of getting comfy in her favorite spot and then wrapping up in a wet blanket that smelled of cat food and kitty spit.  There were worn spots and pulls on her expensive throws from one of her cats kneading.




One day, as she watched her cat Mayci settling in for her usual "comfort time" on her lap, she noticed that Mayci seemed to be searching for something "solid" to suck on amongst all the fluff.  That is when the idea of the nipples came into play.  Mayci seemed to be pretending that the blanket was her mother and she was looking for the comfort that the suckling provided.


After a little research, Cheryl discovered that there are many, many cats that do this same thing and that it is similar to a child sucking his thumb or a pacifier.  It is something that comforts and soothes them and is natural.  She asked her sister (a professional seamstress) to sew her up a few samples and her cats absolutely LOVED it!!!


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